A quicker and easier way to change the raster color ramp

Traditionally, if you want to change the color ramp for raster layer, you would need to open up Properties window and then navigate to the Symbology tab.  Then you change the color ramp, and hit OK to persist it.  This isn’t too bad, but still requires a lot of clicking to simply change the color ramp.

What if you you could change your color ramp in as little as 3 clicks?
1) In your Table Of Contents, click on the current color ramp. This bring up the Select Color Ramp window.
2) Then Choose your color ramp (ok this is 2 clicks I guess)
3) Click OK to apply your new color ramp.
OK, so officially that is 4 clicks I guess, but it is a lot less than the traditional method.  Plus it is a lot easier since there is only 1 simple window that you need to see.
Select Color Ramp window                         Selecting color ramp

This is not a new feature either – it has been around since the days of ArcGIS 8.x!

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