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ArcGIS Online Training Options


Whether you’re an ArcGIS Online administrator, publisher, or just want to learn more about making and sharing maps using ArcGIS Online, there are lots of training options to choose from at These are easy to discover via the ArcGIS Online … Continue reading

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Unlocking British Columbia’s Hydropower Potential

Unlocking British Columbia's Hydropower Potential

GIS Assessment Model Uncovers Optimal Sites for Renewable Energy Production This article was originally posted in the Spring 2013 issue of ArcNews. Read the article here: Unlocking British Columbia’s Hydropower Potential. In addition, see the Kerr Wood Leidal presentation slides from Ryan … Continue reading

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Wupperverband leverages ArcGIS Online to enable the exchange of data

Wupperverband is a nonprofit agency in Germany that is responsible for river and watershed management including wastewater treatment, water resource management and flow/flood control. ArcGIS Online is being used to extract date, input date and enable the exchange of data across the agency.

Tom Freyburg, Water Wastewater International, spoke to Karl-Heinz Spies about Wupperverband’s use of GIS Technology and how it plays a key role in managing their business. Click here to view the video.

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How is GIS Meeting the Needs of Ocean (and other) Sciences? Plus, Minus, Interesting…


Among the most important activities at the Esri Oceans Summit (November 7–8, 2012; see prior blog post 1 and prior prior blog post 2) were the breakout groups, where participants were called upon to identify major barriers to the use … Continue reading

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Quickly compare two web maps


If you want to compare two web maps side-by-side, here’s a quick and easy way to accomplish that in just a few steps. First, find the web maps that you want to compare side-by-side. In this example we went to … Continue reading

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How should I interpret the output of density tools?


Many Spatial Analyst users are comfortable using the Density tools and are satisfied with the results they give, but sometimes there is confusion about what the output cell values mean and how they should be interpreted.  This blog will help … Continue reading

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Introducing the Multidimension Supplemental tools

Multidimension Supplemental Toolbox

The Multidimension Supplemental toolbox Version 1.1 is a collection of nine tools that extend the functionality of the core tools of the Multidimension toolbox.  These tools can be used as-is or you can modify them to handle specific use cases.  The following … Continue reading

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NITF for ArcGIS for Linux Server 10.1 SP1 – Now available


NITF for ArcGIS for Linux Server lets you directly view and write NITF data within ArcGIS. The U.S. Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certifies the extension to complexity level (C-Level) 7, the highest level of compliance. The extension also allows … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online cached demographic maps updated


The cached demographic maps have provided colorful, interesting maps about the population of the United States for several years from ArcGIS Online. They are often used as a stand-alone map to help people understand their local neighborhood, town or metro area, … Continue reading

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