Need Help Preparing for Spring Flooding?

The heavy spring rain and late season snowfall have forced many communities in the Midwest to deal with seasonal river flooding. As warmer temperatures move north, the snow melt and additional rainfall will increase the chance of flooding down river.  But it’s not too late to prepare your community for upcoming flooding events.  You can use the ArcGIS for Local Government Flood Planning Map to identify community assets that will be impacted as the water rises.  In addition, the Flood Planning Map will help you:

  • Determine the flood impact area based on predicted flood levels
  • Identify critical infrastructure, facilities, and citizens that could be impacted
  • Create budgetary cost estimates for temporary levees
  • Share the results with others who will execute your response plan

To learn more about the Flood Planning Map, watch the video found on the ArcGIS for Local Government Resource Center.  

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