Super-Fast, Server-Side Raster Analysis on the Web (APL re-post)

Here is a link to an Applications Prototype Lab (APL) blog post in case you missed it.  This blog shows you chained raster functions doing server-side analysis in a web application.

The front end of the application was built with the ArcGIS API for Flex.  The user interface allows the user to specify which of the three range filters to apply in the analysis.  The back end of the application consists of an image service of elevation data published with ArcGIS Server.  The service implements a collection of raster function chains which are exposed from the service’s REST endpoint as custom server functions.  The functions analyze the elevation data on-the-fly and deliver the pixels to the client application as single-color RGB output.  Considering the nearly infinite combinations of elevation, slope and aspect ranges one might want to support in an application like this, imagine for a moment what it would be like to have to pre-generate all those outputs and manage them as static datasets on disk.  The only feasible way to implement an application like this is with dynamic rather than static pre-generated output.

Written by: David Johnson

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  1. rie_mino says:

    Where can I find the code for this. This is something that will be helpful in our application. Thank you.

    • Simon Woo says:

      This is only a web app at the moment, so there is no code available. If anything becomes available, the APL website and the Imagery website will keep you updated.