Esri Defense code moving to GitHub

Vehicle Commander on GitHubThis month the Esri Defense team launched a series of ArcGIS for the Military GitHub Repositiories to share source code for our web, desktop, and mobile applications. For those that aren’t familiar with GitHub, it is a code sharing and social networking site for the developer community.

We’ve always provided source code with our maps and apps but the new GitHub presence will make it easier for the developer community to access the code base and participate in the development of Esri’s military and intelligence community apps. As a team, we’ll also be using the GitHub repositories to manage our development efforts and look forward to collaborating with developers inside Esri and across the defense community using the GitHub platform.

We’ve started with two applications and should have the rest of our applications available via GitHub later this year. Even though we have this new channel for our developers, we will continue to release the ready-to-use maps and apps on We look forward to using GitHub as another way to collaborate on the development of great GIS applications for defense organizations across the globe.

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