GIS Hydro 2013 Pre-Conference Water Resources Workshop: More Coming Soon!

by Steve Kopp, Geoprocessing and Spatial Analysis Team, Esri

Jump-start your conference a day early by joining us for the 20th annual pre-conference Water Resources Workshop on Sunday July 7th. The Water Resources Workshop is a FREE, full day workshop focused on emerging trends in the integration of GIS and Water Resources and how you can use them in your work.

The web is now an everyday piece of GIS, and much of our focus in the workshop will be about the ongoing evolution of water resources and the web. The web is where you get your data, where you put your data, where you find and interact with tools and models, and where you publish results. We will have presentations from Esri staff, academia, industry partners, and ArcGIS users showcasing what resources are available, what new things are being worked on, how you can use them, and what you can do to contribute.

We realize the workshop falls on the weekend and we’re competing with the urge to be on the beach. So, we promise make the day fast and fun, with plenty of demonstrations and discussion, and by all means keep it relevant to helping you do your job better.

If you work in water resources and this is your first visit to the Esri Users Conference, we strongly encourage you to join us, learn what’s happening, ask questions, and use this as an opportunity to help plan your week. For all you regulars who we see every year, we look forward to seeing you again and sharing some fresh ideas and information.

Yes it’s true! A full day of cutting edge education on emerging trends in GIS and water resources. For many years this was a paid seminar and not only is it now free, but this year also includes a free breakfast provided courtesy of our partners at Kisters.

The meeting agenda and registration information will be available in the coming weeks, so check back to the Hydro Blog and stay tuned to our tweets (@HydroTeam) for these announcements. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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  1. janet_gritzner says:

    Do you have registration information for the Pre Conference Water Resources workshop?

  2. jcass says:

    This workshop sounds like the ideal forum I am looking for to discuss current trends and to understand what tools my peers in the water resources arena are using. However, I will not be able to attend the conference or the workshop. Will there be an optional web meeting or shared presentation for those that cannot be there in attendance?