ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 3.4 Released

Version 3.4 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is now available! Please refer to the What’s New in 3.4 document for the full list of features and bug fixes. Highlights include:

Directions widget

Allow users to calculate driving directions between two or more locations to your app with only a couple of lines of code. The widget defaults to the ArcGIS Online Route Service but can be customized to use any ArcGIS Server Network Analyst routing service. The widget not only takes care of talking to a routing service, but also builds a default user interface:

Map navigation methods return deferreds

Map navigation methods, such as setExtent and centerAt, return Deferreds. In previous releases map navigation methods did not return a value. Using deferreds makes it easier (requires less code) to be sure that a map navigation method has finished before executing additonal code.

Popup enhancements

The popup widget is now the default info window for the map. Most ArcGIS API for JavaScript users prefer the popup’s look and feel and, after some refactoring some internal dependencies, using the popup as the default makes sense. Additional changes to the popup include: easier to place the popup in a container outside the map, better support for right-to-left content and several new config options to control paging controls and how features are highlighted.

Asynchronous Module Definition(AMD)

All modules in the API are AMD compliant at 3.4. All modules are still compatible with dojo.require and no code changes are required when upgrading to 3.4. Additional documentation will be published outlining how to use the API’s modules in an AMD style.

Plus More…

As with every release, the latest version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript includes additional functionality as well as several bug fixes. Please refer to the full What’s New in 3.4 document for the full re-cap of what we added.

For our users attending the Developer Summit this week, we have several great sessions and demo theaters you should attend:

Also be sure to stop by the Web Island in the showcase to chat with members of the JS API team.

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  1. sibbald says:

    Looking forward to working with JavaScript 3.4 but as of 2 April 2013 it does not appear to be on the downloads page

    • Derek Swingley says:

      Apologies for the delay. Announcements made here mean that the new release of the JS API is available on our CDN and the documentation and samples have been updated to use the latest version. Usually (but not always) the download is available as well. For this release, we will have the download available in the next day or so.