Configuring the ArcGIS Online Parcel Viewer Application

In 2013, the ArcGIS for Local Government solution is focused on ArcGIS Online and expanding the maps and apps in the solution offering.  We want to make it easier for you to deploy ArcGIS Online in your organization and we’re developing a series of ArcGIS Online web application templates so you can continue to expand the value of GIS in your organization. The application templates are available natively in ArcGIS Online and the first application, called the Parcel Viewer, is available now with the March 2013 release of ArcGIS Online.

The Parcel Viewer application is an HTML5/Javascript application that can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones “out of the box” (or “out of the cloud”…). This application was designed to support simple public access applications but as you’ll see, it can be configured very easily to support a diverse set of mapping needs in your organization.

Let’s take a look at how you can quickly configure the Parcel Viewer in three easy steps.

Step 1:  Author your webmap

In this example, I am going to configure a land records application that can be used by the general public to review property information and property sales in a neighborhood.  I’ve added the appropriate operational layers to my webmap and defined the information popup users will see when they click on a parcel or property sale in the map.  The Parcel Viewer webmap I have authored has a basemap (tiled map service) and two feature services, one for the Sales and a second for the Parcel Details.  All of these services are hosted in my ArcGIS Online Organization.

Step 2:  Share your Parcel Viewer application

After you’ve completed your webmap, click “Share” and select “Make a Web Application”.  Then select the new Parcel Viewer application available now in the ArcGIS Online gallery.  You can publish the application immediately or preview it before you publish it.

Step 3:  Configure your Parcel Viewer application

After you’ve shared your Parcel Viewer application, you can quickly configure it to leverage the webmap you authored.  When you select “Configure App” on the item page, you can change the following characteristics of the application to meet your needs:

1.  The name of your application, the application icon, and the application’s color scheme. 

2.  The name of the layer in the webmap you’d like to search against and the fields in that layer you like to search (ex. OwnerName, ParcelID, Address).

3.  The basemap collection you’d like to use in the application.  You can create an ArcGIS Online group that includes the basemaps users can interact with in the application and then use that group in your configuration.

4.  Any help text you’d like to share with users of the application. This may also be a place where you incorporate disclaimers or any usage requirements you typically provide in your web applications.

Once you’ve finished configuring your application, click “Save” and you’re done.  You’ve finished authoring a Parcel Public Access application for your organization.

While the Parcel Viewer was designed to support simple public access applications, it can also be configured quickly to support other workflows in your organization.  With the right webmap, the Parcel Viewer can be configured to…..

Provide an online Fire Run Book that allows firefighters to search for a map grid and review hydrant information.

Or, provide assessors in your community with a simple application that provides an overview of property value information for each assessment neighborhood.

That is just a few examples of how you can use the Parcel Viewer application to bring content you author in a webmap to life and deliver focused applications to knowledge workers in your organization and citizens we serve.

This is just the beginning for the local government solution offering in the cloud.  As we incrementally roll out new ArcGIS Online applications, you’ll be able to leverage the cloud solution to configure new maps and apps that were previously only available on your local computing infrastructure.  Over time, we’ll continue to add web application templates to ArcGIS Online.  These application templates will complement the applications we already provide in the solution.

We look forward to your feedback and seeing how you leverage the Parcel Viewer application in your organization.

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  1. slvgis says:

    Any way to configure the help text box to open before the app? I would like the help and disclaimer information to be the first thing you see.

    • Pete -

      You can download the template and configure the application to show the help page when the app fires up. If you’d like additional technical support doing this once you’ve downloaded the web application template, feel free to post any questions you have on the forum.


  2. smorgan_trpd says:

    Anyway to include a search in the URL such that the app zooms to a feature when it is opened?

  3. sunyu0530 says:

    I am trying to load the Search toolbar, but it keeps on giving me
    ” This search layer was not found in the map” though I put the same layer name into the configure box,
    any suggestions?

    • Make sure you are using the actual field names as they appear in the service and please ensure you do not have any spaces after each comma separated value. Feel free to contact Esri Support Services if you need further assistance.

      • b.blackman says:

        I am also having problems getting my field names to be recongnized by the configuration of the search tool. Does this feature only work using ArcGIS for organizations?

  4. slvgis says:

    Pete again, I posted my question in the Local Government Forum, is there any other way to contact someone from the Local Gov Team?

  5. masteinz says:

    The search tool does not recognize any fields in may layer. Keeps telling me the fields do not exist even though I have configured them in the Pop up etc.

    • Please make sure you are using the actual field names as they appear in the service and please ensure you do not have any spaces after each comma separated value. Feel free to contact Esri Support Services if you need further assistance.

    • tomaudley says:

      The layer you use for the “SearchLayerName” value has to be published with “Feature Access” capabilities, and the “Query” operation allowed. Took me a few tries to figure that out. A simple “MapServer” service will not work.

  6. saruch says:

    It would be good to add a close button to the pop up search window. Closing it by clicking on the magnifying glass is not very intuitive. Other than that this is a great feature .

  7. bcgoble says:

    In a future version, can the online configuration include setting the parameters of the share tools?
    Currently, the share by email has a default Subject line of “Tax Viewer Map”. I was hoping to use the map for “Parks Information” and have it hosted on our ArcGIS Online site.

  8. mdagan says:

    Can you please precise what is considered as “feature services”?

    I try to add a search layer from my content, but no way, I have the “This search layer was not found in the map”. I’m absolutely sure of the layer name…

    • tomaudley says:

      The layer you use for the “SearchLayerName” value has to be published with “Feature Access” capabilities, and the “Query” operation allowed. Took me a few tries to figure that out. A simple “MapServer” service will not work.

  9. ryan_a says:

    Having trouble getting the gps to work on android. same site works fine on an iphone…but not having any luck on an HTC DNA w/ android version 4.1.1. Are there any know issues with android and gps? Fairly certain I have everything enabled on the android phone.

    • jtessier says:

      Any way to keep the default address (geocode) search (like in the basic viewer template) in addition to the layer search I configured? Maybe a comma delimited list for the layers like GEOCODE,myparcelLayer?
      Thanks in advance,

  10. spriest says:

    does the popup allow for the navigation through stacked/coincident features? I figured it would have the same “1 of 3″ navigation as the web map offers, but I’m not seeing it. thanks!

  11. pmckinneyccpa says:

    I have succesfully configured the app, but whenever I try to open it, it sends me to the ArcGIS Online sign-on page. The link for the app is the organizational account page (

    Does the the URL for the web app need to be changed so that the public can access the app? I have shared the app with everyone.

    Thanks for your help!

  12. cd65023 says:

    There is something going on with the pop ups in this app. They have changed and have made this once super useful application, unusable!

  13. zwbarrow says:

    There is something amiss. The search feature has disappeared from the site. You can still configure the search feature but it does not show up in the tool bar anymore. The search feature was there a few days ago. I do not know when it disappeared but we did not make any changes. I tried republishing and the same thing happened. I’m not sure if this is a problem when you download the template.

  14. andyp says:

    Is it possible to configure the AGOL Parcel Viewer app to search more than one layer in the web map (E.g. From the text above: Sales and Parcel Details) without downloading and customizing it? …or is the Search capability constrained to only 1 specified layer in the web map?


  15. ernestocd says:

    Hi, can the search capability in this app[ be configured to use two layers as look-up-tables instead of just one? Thanks!

  16. bwheatley says:

    I have searched the web templates and cannot find this representation of the Parcel Viewer. Where can I found the download for this site?

    • The Parcel Viewer is available in the ArcGIS Online web app gallery and can be used when you publish a web application template. If you have created your own web app template group in your AGOL Organization, you’ll need to add the Parcel Viewer application to your group. Search AGOL for the user esri_en and then share the Parcel Viewer with your organization.

  17. denverbiz says:

    Thanks Tom for posting back in May that the layer has to be published with “Feature Access” and “Query” allowed (copied below).
    Sorry if this is not a great question, but I’m kind of learning ArcGIS Online as I go. At the moment, I don’t have a way to publish my map service from the mxd in ArcCatalog (we’re working on it).I’ve been making some initial maps by uploading a layer to ArcGISonline and going from there. Is there ANY way to allow “Feature Access” and “Query” on an uploaded file? Thanks, Katherine

    The layer you use for the “SearchLayerName” value has to be published with “Feature Access” capabilities, and the “Query” operation allowed. Took me a few tries to figure that out. A simple “MapServer” service will not work.

  18. iharry says:

    When sharing my map the Make a Web Application button is greyed out and unavailable. I have a simple map with only a points file added and wanted to add some search capabilities to it.


  19. mheirendt says:

    I have the application up and running, now I am trying to customize the operational layers. I want them to be displayed as a collapsible group layer within the legend underneath the basemap selector. I also have layers that are symbolized based on an attribute. These features are not showing up in the legend at all. When all is said and done I would like every layer set to being collapsed, and be able to expand on group layers in an array, and further expand on unique values for each layer from the symbolization by attributes. If you have any thoughts please help me out!

    • Allison Muise says:

      What you are suggesting are fairly significant changes to the application. While these changes are likely possible by downloading and customizing the application, another app like Basic Viewer may better meet your needs.

      ArcGIS for Local Government

  20. helenchu says:

    Please show me how to set legend layer visibility to true at default ? Thanks.

  21. ecacciag says:

    I would like to add a dynamic layer to the Tax Parcel Viewer. I have added the layer to the “foreclosure” area of the application successfully, but doing so causes an interruption of the info-window function. Please indicate how I may add a layer (for visibility only) that does not disrupt the applications function.