Vehicle Commander Template updated and available for download

New Vehicle Commander OverviewThe Vehicle Commander Template has been updated to version 10.1.1 and is now available for download from The Vehicle Commander application template is a model for developing an in-vehicle situational awareness application using ArcGIS Runtime 10.1.1 for Java. The template includes pre-compiled binaries that will run on Windows and Linux, and a trial license file that lasts until October 15, 2013*.

You can use the Vehicle Commander template as a model for building mobile solutions that help mounted troops navigate in the field and report and receive situational awareness. The Vehicle Commander app is designed to help commanders track their troops and make informed decisions. Commanders using the app can get a near-real-time situational picture, showing the position of the command vehicle and those of other GPS tracked vehicles. Soldiers using the app can communicate with each other by dropping virtual chemlights on the map, or can signal an emergency at their location using the 911 button. They can also digitize a route plan, and run viewsheds with a geoprocessing package.

The Vehicle Commander template contains a precompiled distribution of the Vehicle Commander application. To obtain the Vehicle Commander source code, and directions for building the application from source, visit our GIT hub at: (available March 25, 2013).

  • Displays high-performance touchscreen maps, including provisioned basemaps and operational data
  • Displays a GPS location (simulated or serial GPS) Communicates with other machines running Vehicle Commander to display their GPS locations
  • Allows users to open map packages as layers on the map
  • Allows users to run viewshed analysis using a geoprocessing package.

*After this the application will still run, except for opening map packages and running viewshed analyses.

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  1. coloncm says:

    I took it for a spin and works out-of-the-box on my Win7x64 box. I noticed a warning that says “Warning – GPK does not exist: \data\FastVisibilityByDistance.gpk”, and its confirmed because that file is not included. Will it be in your GIT hub? If not, where can I obtain it?