Make a web application from an interactive photo map

In a previous blog post, I explained how to create an interactive photo map with ArcGIS Online. Web maps are useful for sharing and editing, but in some cases, you may not want everyone to have the full capabilities of the ArcGIS Online map viewer. Configuring your web map with a web map application template is a simple way to control the functionality for your map users. ArcGIS Online provides a set of configurable application templates that allow you to customize how your content is presented. In this post, I show how to make a web application from an interactive photo map.

Before you begin, you will need to sign up for a free, personal ArcGIS Online account. If you have an account, sign-in to ArcGIS Online and click the Map button to create a new web map. See my post for steps on how to create an interactive photo map with ArcGIS Online. To create a web app from one of your existing maps, click the My Content tab and open the map from the item’s page into the map viewer. Click the Share button, make sure Everyone (public) is checked, and click Make a Web Application.

Share, Embed, or Make a Web ApplicationThe web application gallery will allow you to preview the available applications, download them to your computer, or publish the application. Because this interactive photo map does not require the additional functionality available in the other templates, you can use the Basic Viewer. Click Publish. Enter a title, tags, summary, and a folder to save it in, and click Save & Publish.

Web Map Application galleryTo make an application, click go to the item. If you want to make changes to the map, you can get to the item page by clicking on the My Content tab.

Share or Configure your applicationOn the item page, you can click Edit button to add a thumbnail, edit the summary and description. To proceed to the web map application, click the Configure App button.

Individual item pageThe Configure Web Application page allows you to edit the map’s appearance and functionality. Under General Settings you can change the color scheme, display a title, and place a logo on the map. The checked Menu Items will appear in the application. If your interactive photo map contains few features, several Menu Items can be unchecked. In this example, the destination points on the map are self-explanatory so including a legend may be unnecessary. Because you will want your map users to understand the map’s description, make sure the Details box is checked. If you created bookmarks in the web map and want to users to interact with them, check the Bookmarks box. Since you want to enable users to share the map, make sure the Share box has been checked.

Basic viewer general settingsTo see how your checked selections will appear, click Save. These changes should appear at the top of the basic viewer application.

Configurable application options barThe Reset button in General Settings allows you to return to previous settings.

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of the application, save it and click the back button on your browser to return to the item page. Click the Share button, make sure Everyone (public) is checked, and click the OK. To share the web application, find the Open button and click View Application. From the application you can share the URL.

You can visit my web map application:

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