Congratulations to the Forums MVP Winners!

Our forums continue to be the most popular community tool for discussing, sharing, and helping one other to get the most from ArcGIS, as we have over 15,000 active users, 22,000 new threads and over 40,000 posts per year. What helps us to be so successful though, is you, our users. We would like to recognize those users who contribute the most to our forums.  Last year we created these voting tools so that the entire community could help us identify the best information and the most helpful ArcGIS pros out there. Every 6 months we identify the Top 10 contributors in the forums and badge them as MVPs. That way, as you use the forums, you can see at a glance who the community has said are the folks who we are committed to helping you. MVP isn’t a badge that needs to be renewed. Once an MVP, always an MVP.  We also give them additional tools like the ability to move a thread from one forum to the other in order to give your questions a better chance of being answered. They can also mark an answer as being the best one by clicking the green check mark. See more about the MVP Program here. As for the MVPs, not only are they badged so you can find them and given new tools so that they can help make the forums even better, but they’re also eligible for prizes like software, books, training courses, and conference seats as a collective ‘thank you’ from us for all of their great effort. We are currently awarding the following Esri MVP Forums users:

Robert Scheitlin                    rscheitlin

Marcin Gasior                       m.gasior

Mathew Coyle                       mzcoyle

Anthony Giles             

Curtis Price                           curtvprice

Ken Buja                              kenbuja

Neil Clemmons                      Neil

Richard Fairhurst                 rfairhur24

Domenico Ciavarella   

V Stuart Foote                       vsfoote

Again, thank you so much to all of you who help to continue building a great system that supports our Esri community.

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