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Another Great Team Water Meeting

The Team Water/Wastewater Meeting in Louisville was a great success!

Our host, Louisville Water Company, went above and beyond. The historical tour of their facilities on Friday afternoon was amazing.

I would like to thank Louisville Water as well as our presenters: Frankfort Plant Board, City of Jeffersonville, Greater Cincinnati Water Works, City of Columbus and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District as well as Esri staff. Presentations will be posted to the team water web page.  Continue reading

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Make a web application from an interactive photo map


In a previous blog post, I explained how to create an interactive photo map with ArcGIS Online. Web maps are useful for sharing and editing, but in some cases, you may not want everyone to have the full capabilities of … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Building and Sharing Community Web Maps and Apps

Today’s technology has made it easier than ever to effectively share global information with the world. This information can be shared in a variety of ways, including web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop viewers. The Community Maps Team and ArcGIS Online encourage the creation and sharing of content. While sharing content is important, how we share this content may be even more important. Content and information is seldom useful if it is not well crafted and presented clearly. Below are some tips on how one can add value to shared content, ensuring that web maps and apps are engaging and contain the appropriate supporting information.

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Scanned Map template – Working with CADRG/ECRG data in a mosaic dataset


Esri has compiled and uploaded a Scanned Map Template to The Scanned Maps Template is designed to teach you how to add military scanned map data in CADRG/ECRG format to mosaic datasets.

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Efficient Editing with Feature Manager

Production Mapping's Update Attributes vs. Desktop's Attributes

Esri Production Mapping’s Feature Manager shares similar characteristics with the ArcGIS for Desktop Create Features and Attributes windows. However, there is additional functionality that Feature Manager brings to the table that helps you implement more efficient editing workflows. Below, I’ll … Continue reading

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Santa Clara Valley Water District Alert Web Map

Santa Clara Valley Water District

by Nahm Lee, Santa Clara Valley Water District The Santa Clara Valley Water District Alert web map was designed using the ESRI javascript API. Santa Clara Valley Water District provides real time rainfall, stream flow/stage and reservoir storage/elevation data for Santa Clara … Continue reading

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ArcGIS 10.1 Data Reviewer Update Now Available


We just released an update to ArcGIS 10.1 Data Reviewer (Server and Desktop) that contains maintenance fixes and performance improvements. In addition, the update also includes a number of enhancements requested by you in the past.  Some of the highlights … Continue reading

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Terms of Use for Batch Geocoding

The ArcGIS Online team wants you to remind you of the terms of use for geocoding. Geocoding can be broken into two functions: Geosearch and Geocoding. Continue reading

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NOAA Configures Supplementary S-58 ENC Validation Checks

ArcGIS for Maritime: Charting supports and maintains a large percentage of checks listed in the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) publication S-58 Recommended ENC Validation Checks, edition 4.2.  Continue reading

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Resetting the sliders on the Image Analysis window


Have you ever played around with the Brightness, Contrast, Transparency, and Gamma sliders in the Image Analysis window?  Now have you used the slider and then wanted to return back to zero?  Sure you can try to move the slider … Continue reading

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