ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 10.1.1 Released!

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 10.1.1 has been released and its available for download from the Esri Customer Care Portal right now!!

If you use a Windows 7 or 8 device (laptops and tablets) in the field, you will love the enhancements we have made to the ArcGIS application! Plus if you belong to an ArcGIS Online organization then this release will open up new opportunities for you to use your Windows Mobile or Windows devices in the field…

What’s new in the Windows app:

  • We added offline routing! Using StreetMap for Mobile you can route from your current location to a given destination or you can add additional stops and route between work locations. Routing capabilities include turn-by-turn directions but does not include Navigation with voice guidance.
  • Creating new features has been greatly simplified so that repetitive tasks require a lot less taps or mouse clicks!
  • You can edit the shape of existing features now (extend a line, replace a portion of a polygon, re-collect and more)
  • View GPS/GNSS information on top of the map at all times

With your ArcGIS Online subscription:

  • Use Hosted Feature Services! Yes now you can work disconnected in the field and synchronize updates with a hosted feature service.
  • Using the Mobile Project Center, package your feature service cache and store your mobile project as an item inside of ArcGIS Online. So now all of your map data, offline mobile caches and projects can be stored inside of the cloud!

We have greatly improved the help system for 10.1.1 so please check it out as well.

Download 10.1.1 now and don’t forget to use the forums or the Ideas site to communicate with your peers and with us!!

Mobile Team

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  1. umpierre says:

    I’m confused with the version numbering system, I thought you had started calling them 3.1. So, is 10.1.1. the same as 3.1.1? I wish you stay consistent. I already have a hard time getting used to calling your software ArcGIS for this and that. Sorry, but I know I’m not the only that feels that way. I still love your software, but I wish its naming wasn’t so confusing.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      Our version numbering has indeed changed yet again and my apologies for not addressing this in the posting. Decisions were made to simplify our version numbering across the ArcGIS system. The most current release of all product offerings is now numbered 10.1.1 and the next release will be titled 10.2. All ArcGIS product will now follow this convention.

      The 10.1.1 release of ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is not the same as 3.1. There are significant new capabilities in this release as mentioned in the post and we encourage you to download and use 10.1.1. Again sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

  2. aitorcalerogarcia says:

    Hello, regarding “turn-by-turn directions”, does this version have a 3D View such as Logistics Navigator?

  3. dknighted says:

    So, the update is only for those devices with Windows 7 or 8 but not for all those folks using Trimble devices with Windows Mobile 6.5? Interesting partnership…

  4. chlang says:

    The release notes says Windows 8 is supported, but according to a developer who works for ESRI, who has been building an app for my company, Windows 8 has new API calls for GPS/GNSS, which are not yet supported in ArcGIS mobile. I was wondering when we might see a release that does support GNSS on Windows 8?

  5. yliaustin says:

    In this link (ArcGIS Runtime for Windows Mobile ) The help is still refereing to version 3. I saw this section header: Migrating your applications to ArcGIS for Windows Mobile 3.
    The user help is great! It has more detailed info than before. I am not sure if the SDK help is updated too. Or the SDK link in user help is wrong.

  6. expertuser says:

    Does this version support using ArcGIS 10.1?

  7. expertuser says:

    Let me clarify my question. Does this new version work with Trimble Positions?

  8. rbrzyc says:

    2 questions:
    Will this new version work with Windows Mobile 6.5?
    Will Windows Mobile 10.1.1 be able to load locally stored shapefiles, not network shapefiles?

  9. anaymushina says:

    So, what about GPS support on Windows 8 in Windows Mobile Application?
    We are testing ArcGIS for WM on a tablet with Windows 8 and have problems with gps connection.
    (as I see I repeat the Chlang’s question of March,8)

    • jwarzi says:

      Any ETA on when ArcGIS 10.2 for Windows Mobile will be released?

    • jwarzi says:

      We are also having issue with GPS support on Windows 8 in Windows Mobile Application. Worked with ESRI support (ticket 1151685) and didn’t get anywhere. I even sent in our unit and in their testing they were able to get the unit working after waiting 20 minutes for it to get its first GPS coordinate and then 1-3 minutes between location updates thereafter.

      I am hoping that they add support for high resolution photo attachments directly from the device camera too. Right now, from what we have seen, it defaults to the lowest resolution with no way to increase the megapixel setting to the device’s full resolution.