Top 3 checks for validating your tax parcel data

The pre-configured automated checks delivered in Data Reviewer for Tax Parcel Editing, available in ArcGIS for Local Government, can be used to perform quality control on your tax parcel data. Highlighted below are three of the key checks included in the batch job that will help ensure the integrity of your parcel data.

Multiple curve center points in close proximity:

The Geometry on Geometry Check identifies curve center points within 0.5 meters of each other. In the image below you will notice the selected curve center point is an error because it lies within 0.5 meters of another curve center point.

Comparative ratio of COGO to length:

The Execute SQL Check compares the COGO distance to the actual distance of each fabric line. The selected line in the image below is an error because the difference between the actual length of the line and its COGO distance is greater than the 0.25 foot tolerance defined in the check.

Tax parcel condo LOWPIN must match Tax parcel PIN:

The Table to Table Attribute Check identifies tax parcel condo LOWPARCELIDs that do not match their corresponding tax parcel PIN. You can see in the selected row in the image below that the Lowest Parcel Identification Number does not match the Parcel Identification Number and therefore is an error.

These are just a few of the many useful checks delivered in Data Reviewer for Tax Parcel Editing. Other checks include several attribute and spatial checks that will help you identify errors and maintain the highest quality parcel data.

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