Operations Dashboard and Collector for ArcGIS Released

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS and Collector for ArcGIS have been released, and are now available for use by organizations with an ArcGIS Online subscription. Operations Dashboard and Collector can be used together, or separately, depending on your needs.

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is now available for download from the Resource Center.

Collector for ArcGIS is now available for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Operations Dashboard provides a common operating picture for monitoring events. Operations Dashboard integrates maps and a variety of data sources to create comprehensive operational views that can include charts, lists, gauges, and indicators which update automatically as underlying data changes.

You can build operational views for use on either multiple monitors or single-display devices, such as tablets. Multiple views can be defined to meet the needs of people focusing on different aspects of the operation, and users can coordinate and collaborate using built-in text messaging and map markup. These operational views are stored as items in ArcGIS Online and can be shared with your organization.

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Collector for ArcGIS

Designed with field crews in mind, Collector is used to capture and update both tabular and spatial information via smartphones using the built-in GPS capabilities of the device, or by tapping on the map. Data captured using Collector can be displayed in the Operations Dashboard.

In addition, field crews can plan routes and get directions to work locations, use data-driven forms to improve data input quality, capture photos and videos of assets, and seamlessly integrate information back into the organization’s GIS. Collector can also be configured to use various tools that help tailor the data collection workflow to the organization’s business needs.

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  1. sibbald says:

    Will there be a Collector for ArcGIS (WindowsPhone)?

  2. tjohnston87 says:

    When can we expect an offline-compatible iOS product from ESRI? Will it be an entirely new application or a new feature for ArcGIS for iOS, Collector for ArcGIS, and Arc-Pad like application for iOS?

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      The ArcGIS runtime SDK is a better platform for offline, standalone use, and you’ll see some new apps coming this year that leverage that platform to provide more standalone capabilities. These will be cross-platform. If you have some clear ideas about what your needs/requirement are, please feel free to send them directly to me at bszukalski@esri.com. We’re engaging users for feedback to help guide our development in this direction.
      Regards – bern

  3. akhil.pk says:

    Can we add dynamic layers on top of the custom tiled layer ?

  4. ialbor.esri says:

    Good work guys, how about adding support for the Ipad and Android tablets?

  5. jenkullgren says:

    I have heard that there is an update coming out soon for the Arc Collector app. Is this true and if so, what is the timeline on this? Thanks!

  6. thebillcarr says:

    Will this work with the release of 10.2?

  7. jatienza08 says:

    can this be further customized to produce printed reports??