ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java 10.1.1 is here!

Time to start coding again: Java-style. The 10.1.1 update of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java has arrived! Developers who have an Esri Developer Network (EDN) subscription can go to the Esri Customer Care Portal to download the SDKs for both Windows and Linux.

You will find some great resources for getting started in building native standalone and embeddable ArcGIS apps for the Java platform quickly and easily on the Java Resource Center. Here, you will also have access to the latest product news, discussion forums, blog posts, and more. The team is waiting to engage with you, so come on in!

This blog post from last November talks about the key features of the 10.1.1 update, but for complete information please read the Release Notes.

Have fun!

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  1. ricksson says:

    Hi Eric,

    unfortunately it seems that “time to start coding again” has not started yet. Neither the Release Notes link works, nor can I find the Version 10.1.1 of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK in the customer care portal.


  2. unsw says:

    where can i download ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java 10.1.1?please give me a link.

  3. studyhome says:

    make a test