What’s New in Business Analyst 10.1 blog series wrap up

We hope you’ve found the What’s New in Business Analyst 10.1 blog series useful.  If you missed any of the blogs, here’s a list of each blog of the series with a link.

  1. What’s New in 10.1 – Use advanced searching techniques on your own data
  2. Business Analyst 10.1 Performance Improvements – Really fast drivetime service areas
  3. What’s New in 10.1 – The big, easy button for importing your custom datasets
  4. What’s New in 10.1 – Create report templates that combine your own data with standard Business Analyst data
  5. The new Fusion Report Designer, report creation made easy
  6. Territory Design 10.1 – Some Top New Features
  7. What’s New in 10.1 – Smart Market Planning
  8. Create report templates that contain charts, lists of locations, and summarized demographic data
  9. Enhanced Business Searching – New Feature in Business Analyst 10.1
  10. Building Territories from POINTS Instead of Polygons
  11. Uploading Custom Data to Business Analyst Server 10.1 Compared to Business Analyst Server 10.0

The Business Analyst Team

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