City of McKinney, TX creates useful web app using ArcGIS Community Maps

Community Maps contributors with the City of McKinney, TX have created a useful Web application that provides information about their community including everything from points of interest and school locations to demographics and planning information. The application allows the user to bookmark locations of interest, find an address, toggle between topographic, streets, and aerial basemaps and includes draw and measure capabilities.

The example below shows the location of Fitzhugh Park and includes additional information such as the address, trails, park type, acres and the amenities offered.

I had an opportunity to catch up with the City of McKinney’s GIS Supervisor, Dwight  LaGrone and asked him how the ArcGIS Community basemap has impacted their business…

Q. What types of services does your organization provide?

A.  GIS infrastructure, needs analysis and planning, training and support, and custom application and support.

Q. How has Community Maps benefited you and your organization, and has the Community Maps aided in more efficient dissemination of information to your region?

A. Saves time by giving the GIS user quick access to a McKinney base map.  We no longer have to build and cache a base layer for our users.  Esri is constantly working to improve the look and feel of the community maps.  It also provides GIS users easy access to the communities that surround McKinney. 

Q. Describe how citizens in your community have benefited from your use of the Community Basemap.

A. McKinney GIS is using community maps as a base layer for all of our online flex and mobile web applications. We currently have 4 flex applications and about 10 GIS online web applications that use Community Maps.

A couple of examples of how we are using Community Maps:

  • The Engineering department received a grant to collect data for all sidewalk and ramps in McKinney.  They are using the Esri iPad application along with community maps to collect sidewalk data.
  • The Water Department is using community maps with other GIS server layers to help locate and maintain their database in the field using Esri iPad application. 
  • Some of the other web maps are Registered Sex Offenders, Zoning, Mosquito Spray Areas (West Nile), Parks and Recreation, School Districts (High, Middle & Elementary), Electric Service providers.

Q. Would you recommend the use of the Community Maps Program to similar organizations?

A. Yes, having a great looking and up to date basemap of not only McKinney but the surrounding communities has become a valuable tool for City of McKinney

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