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  1. lhogan says:

    Hi… I’ve had trouble seeing all the meta data available in the shapefiles or rasters I’m using in ArcCatalog 10.1… Will there be a fix to this. Why can’t 10.1 read the xml files correctly?
    Laurie Hogan

  2. Aleta Vienneau says:

    When you transfer from using ArcGIS 10.0 to ArcGIS 10.1, the application settings you used in 10.0 are not automatically transferred to the new version of the software. Remember that seeing and editing full metadata content is only available after you configure ArcGIS for Desktop to use a metadata style that is associated with a metadata standard or profile: Choosing a metadata style. By default, ArcGIS is set to use the Item Description metadata style.

    It might be difficult to remember, this since it’s something you set once and then can forget about. Beginning with 10.1 SP1 it will be easier—we show a hint at the bottom of the Item Description metadata style’s display: “You are currently using the Item Description metadata style. Change your metadata style in the Options dialog box to see additional metadata content.”

    A lot of metadata people skip over the introductory topic in the ArcGIS Help system What is metadata? because as metadata experts you, of course, already know the answer to that question. However, this is where you will find the “getting started with metadata in ArcGIS 10″ material in the Help system. The style guide for the 10.x Help system required all introductory topics to use the What is…? title format.

  3. cswain says:

    Can I use the ArcGIS Metadata Toolkit to create an xml file with every piece of ArcGIS metadata? In other words, I do not want to follow a style. I don’t want a subset of metadata. I want every piece of metadata a user can create that is stored as ArcGIS metadata. Thank you.

    • Aleta Vienneau says:

      Most metadata elements that are appropriate for editing are available in the non-default metadata styles and are not specific to any one standard of metadata. All important elements are included in all styles whether they are associated with a specific standard or not.

      However, yes, you can accomplish this with the Toolkit by creating a custom metadata style that suits your requirements. It is important to realize that not all elements should be edited manually, most elements that aren’t in the editor are only appropriate to specific data formats and are typically synchronized, and some values should not be changed once they are set by ArcGIS software. The Item Description page should remain in place with the capabilities that are provided.

  4. larry.tinney says:

    Is there an Esri styles update schedule for the recent ISO 19115-1:2014 release (GIS metadata)? And the related North American Profile (NAP) implementation? Thanks

  5. andrew_zimba says:

    I’m looking over the ArcGIS Metadata Toolkit.pdf dated Dec. 13, 2012 that is distributed with the latest ArcGIS_Metadata_Toolkit_101SP1, and it seems… well… thorough. It’s almost TMI. I’m wondering if you might be able to produce more of a cookbook-style approach that outlines the steps and resources to create a new metadata style and editor for that style, without quite as much density as the aforementioned pdf. More of a 1) create new style, 2) place new _________ file in C:\\…, 3) create new style editor, 4) …