ArcPad Packages

Hi everyone,
We have created a new ArcPad Package type for organisations within ArcGIS Online. You can load two different types of package: Templates and Projects.
Upload your current ArcPad Templates and use ArcGIS Online as your content management system for distribution to field workers.

Once downloaded and opened, a template creates a new project. The template is reused and each created project can be uploaded to ArcGIS Online for collation within ArcGIS for Desktop e.g. a Council has different contractors working in the field and everyday the contractor must show the work they have done. Using the official Council ArcPad Template Package, they collect data each day and post the project folder back to ArcGIS Online. The GIS administrator can then download the data and compile the results.

Check out the QuickProject Template Tool – to help you create your templates ready to upload.
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