Building Territories from POINTS Instead of Polygons

This is the tenth blog in a series of blogs about what’s new in Business Analyst 10.1.

Check out this quick and simple (and hopefully informative!) video that shows how to build territories from point-based layers using Territory Design 10.1 (part of Business Analyst Desktop).  In previous versions, only polygon-based layers were supported.  This is good news for organizations with discrete location data such as customers, patients, competitors, etc.  Some user interface improvements are also included.


The Business Analyst Team


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  1. johnjones213 says:

    This is all great stuff. The way territory planning is done today, not enough emphasis is on the data. There isn’t enough of the mentality of “garbage-in” = “garbage-out”. With territory optimization and analysis starting to come into the forefront of organizations, RFPs are bigger than ever. We’ve recently seen RFP’s come across our desks from Stryker, Abacus, Ryder Trucks, and BI all within the last month. Folks are finally starting to get on board with the times, and it look as if ESRI is jumping into the dance.