What’s new in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF 10.1.1?

‘Tis the season for “What’s New” blog posts, right? That’s because the the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs are releasing at the same time, give or take a day or two, to ring in the 2013 new year! So, in keeping with this trend , we bring you some exciting insights into what is about to be released in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF product. EDN subscribers can look for this important update on the Customer Care portal shortly before Christmas (which is coming up way too fast!). The formal announcement will be forthcoming. As you may have heard, these SDK version numbers have been synchronized as “10.1.1″. Stay tuned for more information about this and why this makes sense.

Now, let’s look at what the focus and theme of this SDK “update” is.

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.1.1 for WPF includes SDK resources to develop custom widgets for the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. You may or may not have heard about this Operations Dashboard application, but this story will be told very soon. These custom widget resources are integrated with the existing SDK and include the ESRI.ArcGIS.OperationsDashboard API assembly, samples in the Sample Application (accessed from the Start Menu), conceptual documentation and API reference.

Ok. What else?

The Sample Application installed with the SDK contains several new and enhanced samples, which showcase the new features, best-practices and capabilities in this update.

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.1.1 provides support for development of Windows Desktop applications targeted for the Windows 8 platform (NOT Windows Store Apps, however) and also supports development of applications within Visual Studio 2012, with integrated project templates and help. That’s right. VS 2012 is supported with this update!

And, of course, numerous fixes and enhancements have been made to the API, including:

  • Enhanced support for working with secure content including client certificates, native authentication, and federated services. This is PKI support.
  • Integer overloads on the GraphicsLayer.FindGraphicsInHostCoordinate methods to allow greater control over potential number of results.
  • A new ArcGISWebClient class which allows you to create raw web requests that integrate within the API framework (e.g. IdentityManager)
  • The ability to override the default application data and temp locations used by the RuntimeLocalServer.
  • A new CSV layer and support for CSVLayers from WebMaps.
  • The introduction of ToJson and FromJson methods on FeatureLayerInfo and Geometry.
  • Support for custom URL on the OpenStreetMapLayer.
  • Grid overlay (MGRS, Polar MGRS, UTM, USNG) when using the accelerated display mode.
  • A new S57 layer for the display of hydrographic S57 cells following the S52 standard.
  • An improved Military Message Processing API which now allows messages to be processed on a background thread.
  • The ability to retrieve control points and geometry type for advanced military symbols.
  • Improved performance when adding batches of graphics to the accelerated display.
  • Enhancements to the Portal API for connecting to ArcGIS Online and the ArcGIS Portal (item group query, update item properties, popups on KML layers, editing overrides)
  • Support for new “Find” operation and properties on the global geocoder.

This update to the WPF SDK is also important from the standpoint of functional parity with the other ArcGIS APIs. At the same time, all of the Runtime SDKs are standardizing upon the ArcGIS System 10.1.x core capabilities as a whole.

Some exciting and revolutionary updates are happening in the ArcGIS System. This SDK update, including all of the Runtime SDKs for that matter, are strong and growing to make the System more easily accessible and usable, from anywhere and everywhere.

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  1. 897247647 says:

    where do I find the ArcGIS RunTime SDK for WPF?

  2. enoch55 says:

    Can’t seel to locate the download link. Any ideas where it is hiding?

  3. sfisher says:

    Don’t see the updated 10.1.1 version in EDN yet, is it released?

  4. jdewitt@marshallgis.com says:

    Eric, are you still on schedule to release the 10.1.1 update this week? Looking forward to it.