Version 3.1 of ArcGIS API for Flex and ArcGIS Viewer for Flex Released

Version 3.1 of both the ArcGIS API for Flex and ArcGIS Viewer for Flex were released on Thursday, December 13.

This is a significant release with many new features, enhancements and bug fixes. The Flex Development Team is very excited to deliver these new capabilities to our Flex users and we hope you’ll be inspired to get started integrating this new functionality. Here are a few of the key new features:


Attribute Table Widget and Component
This interactive editable data table is for feature layers and tables. Aside from providing a tabular display of the layer’s data, graphics can be selected, deselected, and zoomed to by interacting with the AttributeTable. If the layer is editable, the feature attributes will be editable and it supports domains and subtypes as defined by the Feature Service.  It is a reusable component in the API and a widget in the Viewer.
FlexViewer AttributeTable

ArcGIS API for Flex AttributeTable Component


Viewing and editing related records
The new RelationshipInspector component in the API makes discovering relationships easy. Viewing and editing related records is now supported out of the box in the API through the RelationshipInspector or AttributeTable component and via the Edit widget or AttributeTable widget in the Viewer.

ArcGIS Viewer for Flex  EditWidget RelatedRecords

ArcGIS API for Flex RelationshipInspector component


Map rotation
The Map component can now be rotated.  There are two sample components included in the API download to support desktop and mobile applications that require map rotation.

ArcGIS API for Flex Map rotation


Local tile package support for mobile applications
The new ArcGISLocalTiledLayer class now supports offline applications that need basemap layers.  Create an Esri tile package (*.tpk) using ArcGIS for Desktop and use the tile package in your Adobe AIR for mobile or Adobe AIR for desktop applications.

ArcGIS API for Flex ArcGISLocalTiledLayer


Support for more layer types: CSV, GeoRSS and generic Web Tiled layers
There are three new layer types to simplify adding operational data to your applications. The WebTiledLayer class makes it easy to add services from standard web mapping tiled layer sources from the web. The CSVLayer class transforms comma separated values files into an operational layer, and the GeoRSSLayer class provides a streamlined workflow for converting georss feeds into layers for the API and Viewer.  See the samples: WebTiledLayer sample, CSVLayer sample, GeoRSSLayer sample.

ArcGIS API for Flex WebTiledLayer


For users who will use the Viewer Application Builder to quickly configure and deploy applications, read the System Requirements and Getting Started topics for more information. Developers also still have full access to the Viewer source code on Github - note the new URL –

Note:  The latest ArcGIS API for Flex requires the latest version of ArcGIS 10.1 for Server. For PrintTask, dynamic layers, and dynamic workspaces, the ArcGIS API 3.0 for Flex (or later) and ArcGIS 10.1 for Server (or later) are required.  Please refer to the comprehensive list for full functionality.

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  1. caseybentz8 says:

    The download doesn’t work. Not sure if you know this, but this seems like a common occurrence when new APIs become available. You should probably test these things prior to saying the download is ready.

  2. btelliot says:

    I’m having the same issue with the download link. isn’t working. I sent an email to the esri site manager but I got an automatic out-of-office reply from Vicki Hill ( saying she won’t be back until Dec, 20th.

    Is there another place we can download from? Stack Overflow?

  3. btelliot says:

    I just found the download link on Github –

    Hope this helps Casey.

  4. hgonzago says:

    Thanks everyone, we apologize for the glitch. There is an issue on our end that our team is currently trying to resolve. It should hopefully be up very soon. Thanks again for your patience.


  5. hgonzago says:

    The links are all working now. Please retry and enjoy:-)