What’s coming in the next update of the ArcGIS SDK for Android?

2012 is coming to a close. Already. We have all witnessed and experienced lot of great innovation within the ArcGIS System this past year. Now, to kick off your 2013, we are preparing a very exciting  ”update” of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android, a version we are calling the 10.1.1 update. You’ll hear a lot more about the new version numbers soon, but in this quick post, we want to unveil some highlights for you. So here we go…

New capabilities:

    • There are new Network Analyst Tasks for supporting the following operations (in an “always connected” scenario) :
      1. Routing
      2. Service Area
      3. Closest Facility
    • We’ve added a new “Find” Task for searching through multiple layers and fields in a Map.
    • There is now support for continuous panning in the Map across the International Date Line (“wrap around”).
    • Time aware layers – We’ve added support for time-aware layers which store information about the changing state of a dataset over time.
    • Highlight Features – Selected features have highlight symbology representation. There was always feature highlighting, but they were simple symbols.
    • PKI Security support for accessing secured services from ArcGIS Online.
    • Graphic elements in a GraphicsLayer now have a Z order property, giving developers control and  management of the draw order of graphic objects.
    • We’ve implemented a new Geocode service, which now handles single-line input fields.

New Layer Types

    • WMS
    • KML (Support is limited to KML over the Internet)
    • CSV- A comma-separated list of values (CSV) storing tabular data in plain text format.
    • Open Street Map

SDK enhancements

    • New Samples Wizard that includes remote samples from ArcGIS online – Sample wizard has been re-designed to allow for local or remote samples to be brought into your Eclipse developer environment.
    • The Javadoc has a new look and feel
      • Javadoc API searching made easier - you can search directly in the API reference.
      • UML model integration into the Javadoc -  There is much better visualization of object model relationships inside the API.

Changes to the API

    • Advanced Symbology API changes have been made to support the updated 2525C Symbol Dictionary
    • 10.1 Query Improvements

This new update strengthens the ArcGIS Android API for building world-class geo-centric applications for phones and tablets. We encourage your involvement in working with this new update, so stay tuned for the announcement in a short couple of weeks, and let us and your developer community hear from you on the user forums and on twitter: @ArcGIS_Runtime.

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  1. markus.schenardi says:

    Nice features!

    But no word about offline capabilities?
    When will Esri support offline editing?

    • Eric Bader says:

      Right. Good point. Expect to hear something about on/offline synchronization and strategy in March/April 2013. Rest assured that it is of the utmost priority to us, as it is for you! In the mean time, there are ways of persisting features locally and working with them offline in the “offline wind tubine inspector” sample app, which can be found in Github: https://github.com/Esri/offline-windturbine-inspector-android. This may or may not be what you need at the present time, but in any case…it is there.

  2. vestanbul says:

    is the release date of this update certain? Because I really really need these “highlights” :)

  3. kalaki says:

    Are you releasing this with the Intel x86 native libraries?
    Our staff were previously using the Intel Android Emulator, getting them to go back to the ARM Emulator just for ArcGIS has been very difficult. The drop in productivity makes it hard to justify.

  4. zomarev says:

    Please inform us about the ETA for the Android SDK update!