Create report templates that contain charts, lists of locations, and summarized demographic data

This is the eighth blog in a series of blogs about what’s new in Business Analyst 10.1.

In my previous blogs in this series, I have shown the basics of building your own reports with the Fusion Editor. Now let’s take it a step further into some of the advanced features of the Fusion Editor.  Some of these features are adding graphs and charts, including locational data in your report, and building trend based demographic data.

Charts and graphs are an excellent way to visual data in reports and our chart builder gives you a multitude of ways to display data.

How many times have you wanted to include locational data in your report such as the number of competitors near your facilities or the count of customers near your stores?  With the new Fusion Editor, we have included the option to include the features of our Proximity Analysis (Locator Report) in your custom report.

And many of you have seen the trend section in our Demographic and Income report and wondered how to incorporate that into your own report.  I will not only show how to replicate this but show you how to include other geographies as well.

To illustrate these features, take a look at this tutorial video.

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    Can we use this tool in web application like java script or html5?