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City of McKinney, TX creates useful web app using ArcGIS Community Maps

Community Maps contributors with the City of McKinney, TX have created a useful Web application that provides information about their community including everything from points of interest and school locations to demographics and planning information. The application allows the user to bookmark locations of interest, find an address, toggle between topographic, streets, and aerial basemaps and includes draw and measure capabilities. Continue reading

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ArcGIS Online World Topographic Map final updates for 2012


The ArcGIS Online World Topographic Map (World_Topo_Map) was recently updated with several more contributions from the user community.

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ArcGIS for Water Utilities on GitHub

In case you missed it, earlier this month, we launched a series of ArcGIS for Local Government GitHub repositories to share source code for our web, desktop, and mobile applications. For those that aren’t familiar with GitHub, it is a code sharing and social networking site for the developer community.  Here is the original blog.

This week, we added the Water Utilities, Address and Capital Planning desktop tools to the local government desktop add ins repository.  You can now access all the source code for these tool sets and contribute your additions back.  We are also working on the Mobile Map template and should have that posted shortly.

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White papers updated for 10.1!

We have updated several white papers for 10.1 that outline best practices for storing Production Mapping, Workflow Manager and Product Library workspaces in an enterprise geodatabase.

Best Practices for Storing Esri Production Mapping 10.1 Workspace in SQL Server

Best Practices for Storing Esri Production Mapping 10.1 Workspace in Oracle

Best Practices for Storing Product Library 10.1 Workspace in SQL Server

Best Practices for Storing Product Library 10.1 Workspace in Oracle

Best Practices for Storing ArcGIS 10.1 Workflow Manager Workspace in SQL Server

Best Practices for Storing ArcGIS 10.1 Workflow Manager Workspace in Oracle

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ArcPad Packages

Hi everyone,
We have created a new ArcPad Package type for organisations within ArcGIS Online. You can load two different types of package: Templates and Projects.
Upload your current ArcPad Templates and use ArcGIS Online as your content management system for distribution to field workers.

Once downloaded and opened, a template creates a new project. The template is reused and each created project can be uploaded to ArcGIS Online for collation within ArcGIS for Desktop e.g. a Council has different contractors working in the field and everyday the contractor must show the work they have done. Using the official Council ArcPad Template Package, they collect data each day and post the project folder back to ArcGIS Online. The GIS administrator can then download the data and compile the results.

Check out the QuickProject Template Tool – to help you create your templates ready to upload.
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DigitalGlobe Imagery for the United States and Western Europe added to the World Imagery map


It’s time to clear your cache. Yesterday we added over 50 terabytes of new imagery from DigitalGlobe to the World Imagery map. This release includes 30cm imagery for the continental United States and 60cm imagery for large parts of Western Europe. This greatly … Continue reading

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Improvements to product library in 10.1 – managing files

Create Map Package from Product available in Manage Product Library Files

This is the last of three blogs that outlines several of the key improvements to Esri Production Mapping’s product library at 10.1. Today, you’ll be introduced to a new set of geoprocessing tools that increases your productivity when managing files … Continue reading

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Looking for Wetlands resources?

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Look no further than the Esri Hydro Resource Center! We now have an online experience entirely devoted to WETLANDS, that was curated by our friends at the US Fish and Wildlife Service.   Please browse our pages to learn about … Continue reading

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New CheckLAS Utility

The new CheckLAS executable is used to examine if any LAS files exhibit errors. LAS files are binary files containing lidar point data.  This executable can be run interactively or from command line, and will create a log file of the results. It checks basic properties of the LAS file header information and can optionally scan through point records.

It is available on the 3D GIS resource center gallery: CheckLAS Utility

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