Are you using Arc Hydro Tools for 10.1 BETA?

Arc HydroWe’d love to hear your feedback.

Download the BETA 10.1 Arc Hydro Tools (32MB) here:

Please contact with any and all feedback.

Arc Hydro Tools are free with your ArcGIS software license.

In the coming months, documentation for the tools will be available on the Hydro Resource Center.  For past versions of Arc Hydro Tools, please see the Hydro Data Model page, and check back to the Hydro Resource Center, and Hydro Blog for more updates!

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  1. iamsurajkumar says:

    When i tried to install arc hydro on windows 8 in Arcgis 10.1, i got following error

    “Erro 1723. There is a problem with this windows installer package. A DLL required for this install to complete could not be run. contact your support personnel or package vendor. Action ISSetupFIlesExtract, entry : SFStartupEx, library: …\…”

    I have tried Arc Hyro 2.0 also but it gives the same error and similar things happen when i try to run arc SWAT.

    Please Help

  2. synaps says:

    Error DEM reconditioning is still present in BETA,
    Error executing PolylineToRaster function in which FID for NHDFlowline is still taken from C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp\arcDBFD\AH20130130104314\tmp5171 which results in a “Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component”.
    TargetLocations and Workspace are setted correctly. Standalone PolylineToRaster function works properly and takes FID from the Workspace folder. Tryed with ObjectID field in NHDFlowline.
    Win7x64, AG 10.1 SP1, latest version of ArcHydro from
    Any info will be helpful.

  3. justicetiff1 says:

    When I tried to install arc hydro on windows 7 in Arcgis 10.1, I got an error stating “PSConfig Patch failed”.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  4. h20cejg says:

    I keep getting “tool not valid” on all the archydro tools. How do I make them valid?

    • Caitlin Scopel says:

      It looks like the toolbox in the map is out of sync with the registered files.

      Steps1: make sure arc hydro is installed (check in C:\Program Files (x86)\ESRI\WaterUtils\ArcHydro\bin and make sure you have dlls)

      Steps2: If it installed, try to open a new map (may need to delete the normal.mxt).

      If you still have he problem you may need to reinstall Arc Hydro.

      Christine, Arc Hydro Team

  5. calestam says:

    I just (successfully) installed Archydro for 10.1. In this version I can’t find a few functions I used earlier, like Flow direction with sinks (Terrain preprocessing). Is this one not necessary now, or how do I take sinks into account when calculating flow directions? The new functions for flow direction within sinks/streams/lakes does not help me, as far as I understand.

    What should I use to allow for flow direction calculations to take sinks into account?

    • Caitlin Scopel says:

      This tool is still available in the toolbox.

      However we have modified the “standard workflow” so that the flow direction grid gets created first and then gets adjusted for streams/sinks/lakes.
      The sink structures required by the Adjust Flow Direction in Sinks tool are now created by the tool Create Sink Structures using either known sink polygons/points or sink polygons generated by the sink evaluation tool if the location of the sink polygons is unknown.

      Christine, Arc Hydro Team

  6. sumant18 says:

    I am looking for the latest documentation available and found this post that explains how to get to the new FTP site.

    I have not been successful in using the login/password provided there.

    Can someone tell me how and where to get the documentation?


  7. 13269675138 says:

    I successfully installed the arc hydro tools but when I use the arc hydro tools-terrain processing-dem manipulation-dem reconditioning, and use the data SanMarcos (downloaded from our website). But there is a problem stating : Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component. Can any one help me ?

    • Caitlin Scopel says:

      Try this:
      0. make sure your input parameters are properly set.
      1. clear the scratchworkspace, typically located at C:\\Users\\[yourusername]\\Documents\\ArcGIS\\
      2. clear the contents of the windows temp directory. One can find the temp location by entering: echo %temp% from the cmd prompt or %temp% on the file explorer.
      3. open the arcmap doc having the problem and run the tool again. Make sure the input parameters are properly set. This ” Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component” message is a general error message and can be caused by a lot factors, two of which are a)., incorrectly specified input parameters and b), specified output/intermediate dataset location contains a lock.