Would restricting rules in the Attribute Assistant to run only when a field changes help you?

We receive a interesting question from a user on the Water Utilities Forum.  They asked if it was possible to set a date on a field only when a specific field is modified.  The Attribute Assistant extension, that is part of the Water Utility Network Editing application has a rule to set a field value when a specific field is changed called FIELD_TRIGGER, but not a date. We could extent this rule to support setting values such as date or time, but maybe there is a better way to do this, holistically for all the rules.  What if we changed the ON_CHANGE field to a string field, where you could specify a field or a series of fields that a rule would run only when those fields values changed.  Alternatively,we could add another field to the Dynamic Value table to list those fields and leave the current schema in place.  That would simplify the changes, still give you a toggle to turn the rule on and off and let you restrict ON_CHANGE rules to only when specific fields have changed.  If you think this enhancement would be useful, let us know.

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  1. timw1984 says:

    I think that is a great idea, if I understood it right.

    Lets say, if I changed a field value in STREET_NAME (changed the street name from ROSE to TULIP), it would run a rule that would write in my COMMENT field “Street name changed”?

    I could set that up for each field to write something different in my COMMENT field whenever a change has been made to a specific field?

    This would make keeping track of changes a lot easier.

  2. Mike Miller says:

    The FIELD_TRIGGER can be used for that right now. But that is the idea, to let you use any rule and trigger it not only by an attribute change, but by a specific field changing.

  3. ksendhil says:

    That’s a great idea – The ability to limit ‘on-change’ events/updates based on updates to a certain field(s) will be very helpful.

  4. techpyle says:

    Was this option ever implemented?

  5. katherinemichael says:

    I am also wondering if this option was ever implemented as I am currently in need of this exact functionality.