Improvements to product library at 10.1 – user experience simplified

With Esri Production Mapping 10.1, an improved production management experience awaits in the form of a more efficient way to interact with your product libraries and production databases. The redesigned Product Library window has simplified the configuration of your editing environment since you now have to specify just the location of your product library. Let’s explore this in more detail.

At 10, for Production Mapping tools to know what business rules to reference in product library, certain information was necessary. These include specifying Production Database, Data Model Version, and Product Class Version using the Product Library Properties dialog box (see image below). Furthermore, if you wanted to set the Production Database manually you had to toggle the Auto Update option to False. Most of this information may, at times, be unknown to editors.

At 10.1, the user experience for setting up the product library has been improved so you can simply add data to the map and start editing without having to set these properties. Now, as an editor of the data, all you need to know is the location of your product library, which you select by right-clicking the Product Library node in the Product Library window.

At Esri Production Mapping 10.1, use the Select Product Library… to browse to the location of your product library

Once the product library is selected, by simply adding your data to the map, all of the production database properties are automatically set, along with references to your organization’s business rules that are stored in product library.

At Esri Production Mapping 10.1, the production database maintains link to the product library and is automatically set when data is added to a map

The user experience for setting up your editing environment in product library is easier than ever. This is just one of many usability improvements made to product library at 10.1. In an upcoming blog, we will explore improvements to building your business rules.

Content Contributed by Amber Bethell

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