New release of Thematic Atlas sample application

There is a new version of the Esri Thematic Atlas available at The Thematic Atlas sample application lets you showcase a collection of intelligent web maps, focused around specific themes.

The Esri Thematic Atlas sample application uses web maps and the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. The Atlas was built to support GIS teams who need to share thematic information to a non-GIS based audience.

This release adds requested functionality and many improvements, including:

  • Support for web maps from organizations, portals, and public ArcGIS online accounts
  • Support for public and privately shared web maps
  • Security allowing you to set user authentication for the entire atlas
  • Support for web maps that use SHP, CSV, and GPX files added via “drag-n-drop”
  • Social media integration
  • Friendly URLs that let you share the exact map you are viewing within the atlas
  • Theme masks to draw attention to your subject area
  • Customizable splash screens
  • Control over the maximum scale for all maps in the atlas
  • Pop-up support for additional web map pop-ups
  • Option to use a PNG file as a static legend for your web map
  • Interface enhancements based on usability feedback

If you already downloaded and are using the original Thematic Atlas, you can upgrade your atlas by following the steps listed on the website in the FAQ general section. You want to do this to take advantage of the new features and increased stability.

We are interested to hear about your experience building and using the Thematic Atlas and you can contact us at

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  1. Chris says:

    This is a awesome mapping application!