Visibility and Range template updated with new tools and exercises

Range DomeThe Visibility and Range template for ArcGIS 10.1 has been updated to include a 3D visualization and analysis component.  Several new tools have been added, and the tutorial exercises have been updated to include creating range domes and other multipatch solids, as well as how to publish a visibility geoprocessing service using one of five new visibility tools optimized for server use.

Range domes are 3D buffers around point locations. You can use the 3D Buffer geoprocessing tool from the 3D Analyst extension to buffer points into spheres that indicate a volume within the range of a weapon or target.

Trajectory toolThe Trajectory tool creates 3D line features that represent the trajectory of a projectile, given a set of parameters.

The Attach Profile Graph to LLOS tool evaluates all of the linear lines of sight in your map (calculated using the Linea Line of Sight tool) and creates a profile graph which is appended as an attachment graphic to each feature.

Several visibility analysis tools that are designed to be added as Geoprocessing Services have also been added.  These create quick raster outputs showing areas visible and not visible from a given location with a specific set of parameters.

These include:
Visibility by Circle resultsFast Visibility By Circle & Fast Visibility by Distance – where visibility is evaluated from a central point to the edge of a circle defined by clicking on the map or typing a distance value.

Visibility by lineFast Visibility By Line – where each vertex of the line is an observer point.

Fast Visibility By Parameters – allows you to specify the start and end horizontal and vertical angles and minimum and maximum distances to limit the area for which a visibility analysis is calculated.

Visibility by Spherical Horizon – calculates the visibility analysis out to the earth’s horizon line from the observer location.

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