Military Aspects of Weather (MAoW) template for ArcGIS 10.1 available for download

The Military Aspects of Weather (MAoW) template for ArcGIS 10.1 is available for download from

This Esri Defense template is designed to help operations planners from the strategic to the tactical level download, process, analyze, and display general climatic data and specific weather condition and forecast data. The template contains maps, tools, and geodatabases for processing and publishing services from this data.

The climate map and tools use climate data to provide an overview at a regional level. This data may be obtained from public sources, such as the Climatic Research Unit and the Tyndall Centre at the University of East Anglia, UK, at: from the World Meterological Organization (WMO), at , or from defense meteorological organizations.  The data can be published using the ClimateForPublishing.mxd to create a climate briefing for commanders and planners.

The weather map and tools allow you to import current weather conditions and forecast data, process, extract, and derive a common set of weather variables that typically affect land operations on the ground. They also help you create “stoplight” maps that indicate where weather conditions exceed certain thresholds for various types of operations.  The template includes a tool that you can set to run as a scheduled task to download and process latest current and forecast data, so the weather map can be refreshed to display the latest data. Data can be obtained from NOAA at in METAR (METeorological Aerodrome Report) format, and forecast data can be obtained and processed in NetCDF or GRIB formats.

Publishing the “ClimateForPublishing.mxd” and “WeatherForPublishing.mxd” maps is dependent on 10.1SP1, which is due to be released shortly.

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