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  1. rizbee says:

    This is a great addition. Is there any plan to adding support for full motion video in ArcGIS Online pop-ups?

    • cswinehart says:

      We have no plans to support ArcGIS Online pop-ups with FMV at this time. We are, however, working on adding FMV to other applications. Keep an eye out on the blogs for upcoming announcements.

  2. munirafsar says:

    Provided license file is licenses the addin only for ArcGIS Desktop Single Use. As during licensing the message shown is”Full Motion Video for ArcGIS Desktop Single Use”. As I have concurrent use license, I am unable to use the add-in. Please provide the trial license for concurrent users as well.

    Secondly, would this add in support video with Ley Length Value (KLV) standards as well?

    • cswinehart says:

      We will be supporting concurrent licenses, but not for the temporary downloads. You may request a concurrent license once 10.1 SP1 ships in November. Yes, the FMV tool support KLV.

  3. waqar82_geo says:

    Dear All
    I have video in .avi format I have convert the avi to mpg format & load the video in arcmap full motion video it does not show me the coordinate loose coordinate only play movie i think after converting the file its loose its meta data
    so is there any solution to add avi files in full motion video Addin

    quick response is appreciable
    thanks in advanced

  4. samaiti says:

    I am based in india, How can i get trial pack of Full Motion Video?

  5. noro79 says:

    I can’t seem to find a link to download a trial version of this add-in. I seem to get looped back to the https://my.esri.com/welcome webpage. Hoping I can be steered in the correct direction to download a trial. Thanks Kindly.

    • bbooth says:

      The FMV download is available from my.esri.com. After you log in, click the My Organizations tab. Under that tab click Products. Click the View Downloads button to the right of “ArcGIS For Desktop 10.2.1″.
      There are two relevant links on this page, one for Full Motion Video License Request and the other for the software download, in the Additional Products section. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of Additional Products. There you can download two items, “ArcGIS 10.2 Full Motion Video 1.2″ and “ArcGIS 10.2 Full Motion Video Geoprocessing Tools 1.0″.

      • dolasv1 says:

        I have an Esri global account, and when I go to My Esri > My Organizations, it says the following: “You are not currently connected to an organization. Request Permissions to your organization.” I know that my employer has a customer account (and number) with Esri. Is this what I need to use to access and download the “ArcGIS 10.2 FMV 1.2 Add-In”? Can I not download it with my personal global account? Also, is there any cost/fee to download? Please advise.
        Thank you,

        • bbooth says:


          On the page where you get the “You are not currently connected to an organization. Request Permissions to your organization” message, click the Request Permission link, fill out the form, and your organization’s admin will get an email. After they approve your request you should have access.
          There is no additional charge for the FMV Add-In.