3D on ArcGIS Online: CityEngine Web Viewer

Sharing your 3D content with the world or selected people has never been easier. The latest release of ArcGIS Online earlier this week added the CityEngine Web Viewer, a new application that lets you explore 3D city scenes in your web browser. This app uses new HTML 5 WebGL technology, so there is no need to install a plugin to view 3D scenes.

With Esri CityEngine 2012 you can create these 3D Web Scenes yourself. Author your city scenes in CityEngine and publish them directly to your ArcGIS account. Esri CityEngine 2012 will be available Sep 24.

You can check out some live examples in the CityEngine Web Viewer group on ArcGIS online, and learn more about CityEngine Web Viewer in the ArcGIS online help.

For more information, see the Esri CityEngine product page.

(Contributed by Andreas Ulmer, Product Engineer, Esri R&D Center, Zurich)

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  1. fougered says:

    Just bought City Engine Advanced licence and would like to know how to get this web viewer for City Engine for a stand-alone environment? Also, a link to an actual product as well as cost, in addition to a news release for this would be more helpful:

    Thanks and Cheers,
    Don Fougere

  2. laurent66 says:

    Can CityEngine Web Viewer consume Globe services hosted by ArcGIS Server 10?

  3. vipulcvx says:

    Access denied to the CityEngine Webviewer group…


    Also unable to locate the page to download latest webviewer ?? …which is currently hosted on arcgis.com … any link to download standalone version ?

  4. king-jxn says:

    Hi,Bern Szukalski. How do I change the interface of the CityEngine Web Viewer Group? And, do you know there is any Web API for CityEngine?