ArcGIS for iOS and iOS 6.0 release

On Wednesday September 19th, Apple will release a new version of their mobile operating system (iOS 6.0) ahead of launching new iPhone 5 devices. In certifying the final release seed of iOS 6.0 we have uncovered several problems with the existing ArcGIS application.

If your organization is currently using the ArcGIS application on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices we encourage you to wait until we update to the ArcGIS application before upgrading devices to iOS 6. We are finalizing our changes now and anticipate submitting to Apple’s App Store shortly. Once approved you will receive an update notification on your device and we will send out notification with another blog post.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Mobile Team

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  1. ccsam23 says:

    I can log on. I can bring a map in but I cannot close it. Frequently, the app crashes. If I make any changes, i.e. change the base map, etc. It crashes. I have tested on IPad 2, IPad3 and IPhone (this is original IPhone). All have IOS 6.01. I downloaded ERSI’s updates some time ago. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program to no avail. I see some folks have no issues while others do. Do we know why? I would really like to use this application for a number of projects however I can’t get it to work with any stability. Any suggestions?

  2. dann74 says:

    Any updates on the crash problems? We had every intention of rolling out a field solution on ipads via ArcGIS online, but nearly every time I try to load maps the app crashes. I can’t push this app out to those crews if it doesn’t work.