What’s New in ArcGIS Online (September 2012)

It’s time to refresh your browser – ArcGIS Online has been updated with the following important new features and enhancements.

Esri Maps for Office

Esri Maps for Office is a new feature of ArcGIS Online (available with your subscription) that enables you to put GIS and mapping capabilities into the hands of Microsoft Office users throughout your organization. You can create interactive maps directly in Excel, and can also add live, dynamic maps to PowerPoint presentations. Maps you create in Excel can be shared directly with others in your organization, or to a broader audience. See Esri Maps for Office at Esri.com for more information, or see the Esri Maps for Office item on ArcGIS Online.

CityEngine Web Scenes

3D city scenes created using CityEngine are now available on ArcGIS Online. You can author and publish CityEngine Web Scenes using Esri CityEngine 2012, and share them directly via ArcGIS Online. The CityEngine Web Viewer allows you to view 3D city scenes in a browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Examples can be found in the CityEngine Web Scenes group.

Improved feature service management

The ArcGIS Online experience for managing data collections in hosted feature services has been improved. Organizations can now create new empty hosted feature services from existing feature service schemas. The schemas can now be used as templates for collecting more data. For more information see Publishing a new empty hosted feature service.

Organizations can also manage feature templates in their hosted feature services. Through the ArcGIS.com map viewer, organizations can define new types of features and templates on their editable hosted feature services and save the updates back to the service. For more information, see Managing feature templates.

Custom Group Gallery Application Templates

Group gallery application templates provide a way to present the maps and apps found within a group to users. Organizations can now configure their site with a custom set of templates for sharing groups as gallery applications. For more information see Configuring groups.

New Web Map Template Applications

A new configurable social media template and a simple map template for desktop, tablets, and phones have been added to the application template gallery. Templates can be downloaded, or used as hosted applications via your ArcGIS Online account.

More options for embedded maps

When embedding a map, you can now choose whether or not to include a link to a larger view of the map. You can also change the name of the link and open the map in an application instead of the ArcGIS.com map viewer. For more information, see Embedding web maps.

Expanded region support

Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Suriname, and Venezuela are now available as regions. The region you select for the website sets the featured maps on the home page, content in the gallery, and the default extent of new maps in the ArcGIS.com map viewer. For more information, see Setting language and region.

Additional languages for video captions

Videos about ArcGIS Online now include captions for all supported languages. While the audio and screen capture remain in English, you can now read captions in your preferred ArcGIS Online language. For more information, see Videos.

New Help site

ArcGIS.com Help has moved to the ArcGIS Resources website at http://resources.arcgis.com. The move takes advantage of the latest improvements to the ArcGIS Resources website.

Improved performance of the website

The performance of the website has been improved. Users with slower connections will experience faster loading times of the site.

For more information see the What’s new? help topic.

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