The Squad Leader Application Template is available for download

The Squad Leader app is a new ArcGIS app for Android smartphones and tablets.  It is designed to enhance situational awareness for platoon and squad-sized units during operations.

The app allows a soldier to submit and read reports, drop virtual chemlights on a map, and signal an emergency during high tempo operations.  The map gets the current position from the device’s GPS, and displays it along with the positions of other tracked devices in the group.  Messages are exchanged via connections to ArcGIS Server or UDP.

Real-time positions are fed to a server by the app and by others using the app on their own devices, to share situational awareness and their relative positions. Soldiers can create Spot reports, tapping on the map to indicate a location, specifying MGRS coordinate, using the current GPS location, or specifying an offset from the current position.  Photos taken using the device’s camera can be attached to the report and shared.

The app also supports exploring the map of the surrounding area by panning and zooming with gestures. Coordinates for specific locations can be identified, and distances and angles can be measured on screen. A widget that comes with the app displays reports on the home screen as they are submitted.

This video shows an overview of the app.

The Squad Leader Application Template is designed to help you quickly field the Squad Leader app on Android devices, using your own base data and reporting services.  The template includes a dummy GPX file to try out with the app. You can download the Squad Leader Schema from to get the schemas for the feature services to run on your own servers, and you can export your own basemap data for use in the app as tile packages.

The Squad Leader app requires Android operating system 3.2 or newer.  For information on system requirements, see the support page for the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android.

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  1. ed.harrell says:

    Are there any plans to release an iOS version of this app? Thanks!!!

  2. bbooth says:


    We’re not currently planning one. We think Android devices are more likely to have access to tactical networks.


  3. datanetics says:

    Is there a blog for this app, I am trying to deploy it (compiled version) and get invalid URL error… In the config I put
    Our ArcGIS server – http://173.73.195.###:6080

    Thanks for any help

    • _derek_ says:

      The issue is that the currently released Squad Leader app does not support 10.2 services. We are working on the next version, which will address this issue.