Using ArcGIS Data Reviewer with Community Maps Contributions

Esri is offering a special software promotion to Community Maps Program contributors.  The ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop extension is being offered for only the cost of maintenance to organizations who contribute content to the Program.  With ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop, contributors will be able to validate, review, and correct their data to ensure they contribute the highest quality data possible to the program.

“The goal is to put the tools of data quality into the hands of the contributors, enabling them to independently check their content and ensure its quality at the source.  This adds a benefit to our user’s production databases and also makes the contribution phase quicker and easier to the Community Maps Program.” – Jay Cary, Esri ArcGIS Data Reviewer Product Manager

Esri recently announced the commencement of the public beta of the Community Maps Program 2.0, where organizations can submit their vector GIS data to Esri.  This article explains more on the topic.  A key component in this new workflow is a data quality control (QC) step that includes both automated and manual checks using ArcGIS Data Reviewer on the participant’s submitted data.  The QC checks will look for items such as data completeness, valid attribution values, geometry anomalies, and missing or duplicate features.  Data quality issues found by the checks will be saved to a Data Reviewer workspace, which will be made available to participants to review and assess within their production environment.  The goal is to correct the identified issues at their source to facilitate the data submittal process through the online contribution management application.

Using Data Reviewer, contributors can quickly navigate to the source of the issue, assess whether a correction is necessary and manage the status of these issues using one or more of Data Reviewer’s reporting tools.  Data Reviewer’s results will help expose the needles in the haystack and make for a quicker return of updates and an earlier publication time for the participant’s content in the ArcGIS Online basemaps.

ArcGIS Data Reviewer Screenshot

For contributors not using ArcGIS Data Reviewer, a spreadsheet of the QC findings will be made available.  The spreadsheet can either be linked to a contributor’s production database using ArcMap or manually reviewed to find and correct the issues.

This offer for ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop for the cost of maintenance is available to active participants, those who have signed up and been approved by Esri to submit data through the online contribution registration site at  This offer is available through December 31, 2012.

Please contact your Account Manager or the Community Maps Team at for more details.

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