ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight – New samples available!

We’re pleased to announce the release of two new samples for ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight: Query Related Records & Go To Coordinates. These samples are built on the ArcGIS API for Silverlight v2.4 and work with the current version of ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight (v1.0.1).

Query Related Records
The Query Related Records tool demonstrates how to query for the related records of a feature by using the feature’s pop-up information. The tool is added to the pop-up toolbar and is enabled if the clicked feature has a related record. Clicking the tool executes the query and the results are displayed in the Viewer’s attribute table. This tool is intended as a sample upon which you can refine and customize as appropriate. For example, the tool specifies that all fields are returned from the QueryTask, but it may be more appropriate for you to limit the fields to be returned. The tool also queries the first relationship it finds, and thus you may want to change that value, or extend the tool to display a dialog allowing the end user to choose the desired relationship.

Go To Coordinates
Go To Coordinates is a ready-to-deploy sample that takes in a latitude and longitude coordinate value and goes to the specified location. The tool’s dialog box also displays the current map extent. The tool is designed to work with maps in Web Mercator and WGS84, but you can customize this as needed. As with the Query Related Records tool we recommend using it as a sample and building on top of it to create the look, feel, and functionality you need.

Download: Query Related Records or Go To Coordinates

Please visit our Forum for additional information and to post any questions you may have.

~The ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight team

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  1. jnowlin says:

    These are great please keep them coming!!!

    I really want a SLV “add-in” like the recently uploaded java application known as the Server-side dynamic renderering with client data application:

    . . . which is discussed in this ArcGIS blog post:

    . . . anyone?

    in case you are thinking of mentioning that this should be shared at, this has been done here:

    . . .please feel free to promote this idea, or any other idea, if you agree. . . :)

  2. vasnake says:

    I wrote extended version of Query Related Records plugin: QueryRelatedRecords.extended

  3. bloughc says:

    Does anyone know an add-in has been created for a search tool allowing data to be retrieved from a AGS feature service? I would like to extend the capabilities of the Silverlight viewer to retrieve data from my existing services, if possible.

  4. mi2i_geo says:

    hai wrote the extended goto cordinate add in., enhancement adding find coordinate using degree,minute, second format and add graphic layer as result..GoToCoordinates.AddIns extended