Top 3 Enhancements in ArcGIS 10.1 Data Reviewer for Desktop

With the release of ArcGIS 10.1 Data Reviewer for Desktop, what are the top 3 enhancements you ask? First, is better integration with model builder and Python; second, removal of the Reviewer table’s record limit; and third, significantly improved performance of writing a large number of records to the Reviewer table. Let’s explore these in more detail.

Updates to geoprocessing tools

All three Data Reviewer geoprocessing (GP) tools were updated for better integration with model builder and Python scripting. These can now be published as a GP service in ArcGIS for Server.

The Create Reviewer Session and Execute Reviewer Batch Job tools were re-written as geoprocessing tools with outputs. This is especially useful when linking the tools together in model builder. If you look at the example model above, you’ll notice the first GP tool will create a Reviewer session, which can then be used as an input in the second GP tool for executing a batch job.

Added to the Write to Reviewer Table tool is a new Review Status parameter that will help filter duplicate records in the Reviewer table. The output for this tool now displays a tabular view of the error records which provides you the ability to summarize information like getting the record count.

Note: This is a change from derived outputs (Reviewer Workspace and Session) in previous versions to tabular view at 10.1. If you are using the tool in a GP model, you will need to update the model.

Reviewer table record limit removed

At 10.1, the 20,000 record limit in the Reviewer table has been removed! Now, when an automated check or batch job returns more than 20,000 records, all of them are available in the Reviewer table. Grouping and sorting of records are applied to the entire set, not just the first 20,000 records.

Batch validation performance improvement

Significant improvements were made to the performance of writing large numbers of records (15,000+) to the Reviewer table. This is most noticeable with Reviewer workspaces that are stored in an enterprise geodatabase. For example, improvements of approximately 65% (7 minutes vs. 20 minutes) were witnessed when writing 24,000 records to a Reviewer workspace in Oracle. We were so impressed with this performance improvement that we decided to include it in ArcGIS Data Reviewer 10–SP 5 as well!

For a comprehensive list of all the new features in Data Reviewer 10.1, view the list here.

Content contributed by Michelle Johnson

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  1. Ted says:

    20,000 limit removal is a great enhancement.