Esri begins building an Ocean GIS Community

At this year’s User Conference, Esri Chief Scientist, Dawn Wright, addressed attendees at Monday’s Plenary with the importance that our oceans play in everyday life. Esri launched its Ocean GIS Initiative to spatially support the development of solutions for the challenges facing our oceans, such as marine debris and pollution, acidification, ocean use planning, balancing conservation with energy and resource exploration, and safety of marine navigation.

The Ocean Basemap was one of the first projects undertaken by Esri under this exciting new initiative. Having a common reference map for marine GIS applications is the foundation for Ocean GIS.  Esri has added the Ocean Basemap to its Community Maps Program, where organizations can share their bathymetric data to enhance the detail and benefit the ocean community.

Visit the new Oceans & Maritime Community Resource Center where you’ll find the Ocean Basemap Data Contributors ArcGIS Explorer presentation and other information about our world.

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