ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java: The Linux edition is here!

Esri is pleased to announce the release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK 1.0 for Java and Linux developers.

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java and Linux is a rich developer toolkit for quickly building focused ArcGIS client apps that integrate online and local maps, locators, geoprocessing models, and more, and will run on Linux laptop and desktop devices. Existing Java apps, whether spatial or non-spatial in nature, can also be extended with this toolkit to provide ArcGIS on-line or off-line mapping and analysis capabilities.

The supported Linux platforms for these apps at version 1.0 are 64-bit Ubuntu 10.04 and 12.04 (LTS only), and Red Hat 6.2.

The SDK provides libraries, sample apps, deployment tools and utilities, Eclipse plugins, Javadoc for the API and a rich set of conceptual help systems for building these ArcGIS apps quickly and easily.

Developers can get a quick head-start on learning and using the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java by going to the ArcGIS Resource Centers. Here, developers can browse the API Reference, read the conceptual help and best practices, participate in user forums, and get the latest blogs and insights.

EDN Subscribers can get started with using the SDK today! Just log onto the Customer Care Portal and download the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java and Linux.

We look forward to your responses and feedback, and most of all, hearing your success stories. Enjoy!

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