Measuring on Imagery in ArcGIS 10.1

Imagery Analysts frequently have to measure features and determine their height.  At ArcGIS 10.1, the Image Analysis window provides tools that give you the ability to take measurements of building heights directly from imagery.  The process of making such measurements on imagery is referred to as mensuration.  Mensuration tools apply geometric rules to find the length of lines, surface areas, or volumes using information obtained from lines and angles. Mensuration can include measuring the height and absolute location of features. Any georeferenced raster dataset can provide distance, area, point, and centroid location. Height measurements can be obtained when the sensor model is known. Sun angle information is required for measurements using shadows, while 3D measurements require a DEM.

This image shows how you could use the Base to Shadow tool to find the height of a building.  The height is calculated by selecting a point at the base of the building and the corresponding point at the top of the shadow.  For more information on the Mensuration tools and how to use them, see the ArcGIS Online Help.

Contributed by Natalie Campos.

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