Add Pinterest photos to ArcGIS Online web maps

Pinterest is a social photo sharing site that lets you create and manage “boards” of photos, usually organized around some theme. Pinterest users can browse other pinboards and ‘re-pin’ images in their own collections, or ‘like’ photos. Pinterest’s mission is to “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.”

In an earlier post we covered how you can use Flickr photos in your ArcGIS Online web maps, and you can use Pinterest photos in the same way. In this example we’ll show you how you can easily use Pinterest photos, and their links, in your web maps.

The photo we’ll use can be found on the Esri International User Conference Pinterest board. We found a photo of Esri President Jack Dangermond that we’d like to add to our map. Here’s the photo on Pinterest:

Note that when you click the photo in Pinterest it links to the Esri User Conference website.

First we’ll start with a new map, and using the default World Topographic basemap we’ll zoom to the San Diego Convention Center, home of the conference. Just type “San Diego Convention Center” into the search box and you’ll zoom there.

We’ll add a Map Notes layer to the map; click Create Editable Layer, then accept the default Map Notes template to create the layer.

Next, add a pushpin at the San Diego Convention Center.¬†We’ll need to get the URL of the Pinterest photo, and that’s a snap. Just right-click the photo and copy the image URL:

Or click Embed. When using embed look in the HTML and you’ll see the URL to the pinned photo (just look for the string beginning in http and ending in .jpg):

Paste the source URL into the Image URL box for the pushpin, and can use the link to the Pinterest photo in the Image Link URL so other information about the photo and its link can be viewed and used.

Here’s what our pop-up looks like:

Click the pop-up photo thumbnail to open the pinned photo in Pinterest. Easy!

We’ve added the photo to a feature layer in our map, but you can configure any pop-up to use them, or add them in batch via a CSV or TXT file. For more information see Configuring pop-up windows and About CSV and TXT files.

And don’t forget to visit Esri on Pinterest.

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