Simplified management of user privileges @ 10.1

A key focus of ArcGIS 10.1 is to simplify and streamline how you work with databases and geodatabases. We have listened to enhancement requests from you and developed easy-to-use interfaces for routine administration tasks such as managing privileges.

If you are the owner of a dataset, you can control which users can view or modify data in a database or geodatabase with privileges on datasets. Privileges can be set by user or by roles. Roles are a handy way to group users who have common workflows and responsibilities and should share a common set of privileges.

There are four types of privileges; select, update, insert, and delete.

  • If you grant a user a select privilege on a dataset, that user can view and select rows in a table or features in a feature class but cannot perform any modifications to those entities
  • An update privilege lets the user modify rows and features
  • An insert privilege lets the user add new rows and features
  • A delete privilege lets the user remove rows and features

At ArcGIS 10.1, the Privileges dialog box has been improved to let the owner of a dataset see all user privileges at a glance and quickly make changes. It also allows the owner to bulk grant privileges to multiple users at once.

To access the new Privileges dialog box, go to the Catalog tree and right-click on the dataset. Point to Manage, and click Privileges. You will see a list of database users and roles and the privileges granted to each. For each user and role, you can grant privileges to select, insert, update, and delete datasets in a database or datasets in a geodatabase.

Check out this video Brent Pierce and I put together to learn more about the Privileges dialog and how to use it.

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  1. yewtaah says:

    Any guidance on automating this via python?

  2. matthysj says:

    Is there a way to grant select WITH GRANT OPTION using ArcCatalog. Our enterprise has some versioned views of feature classes that we would like to apply ‘with grant option’ privs. Is this possible in ArcCatalog? Will it be possible in the future?
    – Jake

    • russellb says:

      @yewtaah changing of privileges can be done using the ‘change privileges’ geoprocessing tool. This can be used in conjunction with ListTables, ListFeatureclasses, ListDatasets to provide a list of items to change privileges on.

      This is a fairly advanced option for granting privileges. There is currently no option in ArcCatalog for using the WITH GRANT option. At the current time we do not have plans to make this available as we have not had many requests for this functionality. We would suggest submitting this idea to to see if others in the community would be interested in this.