Explorer Desktop 2012 public beta released

The public beta version of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop 2012 is now available to install. This represents a significant release with many new capabilities.

Key features available in the beta release include:

  • Updated ArcGIS Online web map support.
  • Integration with ArcGIS Online organizations and Portal for ArcGIS, including support for organization-specific search, sharing, roles, custom basemap galleries, and more.
  • Attribute table display.
  • New presentation capabilities, including slide animations, timed transitions, audio synchronization, presentation mark-up, and more.
  • Enhanced pop-ups, including explicit pop-up sizing and positioning, and the ability to place multiple pop-ups on a single presentation slide.
  • Portability – can be run from a thumb drive without installation.
  • Enhanced search (same as for ArcGIS 10.1).
  • Full support for KML tours.
  • And more…

The beta is feature complete, but still a beta release, so problems and other glitches may still be found. We recommend using this version for testing purposes only, and do not recommend wide distribution throughout your organization.

To note issues, post questions, or deliver comments during the beta program, please visit theĀ Explorer Desktop 2012 Beta Discussion found on theĀ Explorer Desktop forum.

See What’s New in ArcGIS Explorer Desktop for more information and details.

To download the beta visit the ArcGIS Explorer Desktop Resource Center.

The final release of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop 2012 is planned for August.

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  1. hlzhang525 says:

    Just the beta downloaded successfully. When trying to install and finding the following:

    1. Failed to install onto 64-bit workstation with Vista Enterprise, even though all the testing items are passed

    2. Successfully installed at 32-bit workstation with Vista Enterprise. With testing some 3D capabilites, find the following still not satified:
    A. With KML file, the tour (Play Tour) is still not functional as expected in Google Earth. For example, it is still not able to display as proper ‘Tilt Angle’ from the Point A to Points B to Point C.
    B. Once adding multipatch feature class, the buildings of 3D are still not displaying as proper ‘Tilt Angle’ (unlike KML 3D model).