New GUI for Geodatabase Administration

One of the most requested features on the ArcGIS Ideas page is to have a GUI for common administration tasks. This has been on our minds for a while as well and the geodatabase team has focused their efforts with the 10.1 release to produce one. So that you can apply your time more effectively, we’ve simplified and consolidated many routine and essential administrative tasks into a tasty new GUI called the Geodatabase Administration dialog.

Here’s what it looks like:

What do you get with this awesome amalgamation of administration?

A lot Lenny, check it out:

Simplified management of versions

  • View all versions in the geodatabase in a list, as a version tree, or in recommended reconcile order
  • Filter and sort versions by name, owner, and date modified
  • Easily view and change version properties such as name, description and access privileges
  • Just right click to create, delete, and reconcile versions
  • Simple management of historical versions and their properties
  • Launch the new reconcile versions tool and batch reconcile many or all versions at once

View all locks in the geodatabase

  • See what objects are locked in the geodatabase
  • Filter by object type, lock type, and lock owner
  • Administrators can disconnect users holding locks

Manage user connections (administrator only)

  • See all users connected to the geodatabase
  • Disconnect a user connected through a direct connect or application server connection

Not bad eh? Be careful though, along with these great features comes an omniscient sense of power and control. GUI wisely.

You can learn more about the Geodatabase Administration dialog and other helpful administration tools in the help topic A quick tour of administering ArcSDE geodatabases with ArcGIS for Desktop.

Brent and I have been putting some videos together to give you an idea of how to use the Geodatabase Administration dialog and what functionality it offers. We’ll be adding these videos in subsequent posts and digging into the various workflows. Here’s one we made about using the dialog to manage versions. Enjoy!

Video – Geodatabase Administration: Managing Versions

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  1. salvaleonrp says:

    Does it require an SDE upgrade to 10.1? Could we use it on 10.1 client on our SDE 10.

    • asrujit says:

      No it doesn’t require a geodatabase upgrade. You just need ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 or later release to use this.

      • ncelik says:

        Hi we are using 9.1 ArcSDE geodatabase with Oracle. After upgrading the desktops to 10.2, we are having display error due to not existing spatial index warning. We do not have this error with pervious data in connection. only with the newly imported data. When we go Indexes tab and try to Create index, just nothing happens. Do you have any idea about how to solve this problem?

  2. mbakerdps says:

    Murphy – the image is broken!!!