ArcGIS Online for Water Utilities

With the new release of ArcGIS online, I wanted to share some ideas of how you can utilize the new capabilities.  One new tool is the ability to publish and host a layer.  This may not initially sound that powerful, but let’s think about what this means.  This new capability allows for quickly publishing a layer and using that on a mobile device.  So think about all those forms used at your utility to capture information in the field.  Forms to inspect Grease Traps and Interceptors, Hydrants, Valves, Meters, Manholes, Outfalls, the list goes on.  All those forms can now be “digitized” and set up as layers in your database.  Here is a map package that includes a FSE or Food Service Establishment Grease Interceptor/Trap inspection layer that was created from a paper inspection form.  I shared that layer as a service to our sample water utility online account and created a webmap out of it.  Now I can use this on my mobile device to record new inspections.  That quickly, I was able to roll out an app to support a mobile workflow.  Pretty amazing.  Also, if I wanted to work with this data in ArcMap, Open the catalog tree and select My Hosted Services(after you logged into Online in ArcGIS for Desktop).  Select the service from the list and add it to ArcMap.  You can build a local replica, delete, load, modify, use it for GP, etc and then sync your changes back to the hosted service.  Now that is really cool.  The hosted service is now a data source in the cloud for operational data.

Try it out, post back and let us know what forms you “digitized” and rolled out.

Mike – Water Team

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  1. scottsharlow says:

    Hi Mike,
    None of the links work. I’m interested in seeing your application.