Esri Maps for Office 1.0 Public Beta released!

We’re pleased to announce the Public Beta release of Esri Maps for Office. With this release, Esri Maps for Office is now publicly available through the Esri Beta Community website

Esri Maps for Office is a powerful add-in for Microsoft Office that brings the capabilities of Esri’s mapping platform to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint users.

With Esri Maps for Office you can easily create interactive maps of you organization’s data, enabling you to see patterns that graphs and charts cannot reveal. Any of the interactive maps you create can be embedded in PowerPoint, so you can make your presentations even more impactful. And by leveraging Esri’s mapping cloud, you can quickly and securely share your interactive maps in web pages, blogs, mobile apps as well as with ArcGIS users.

Within Excel, it takes just a few seconds to create and interactive map of your data. You can map your data regionally, such as by postal code, create point maps that show individual locations, generate heat maps to show where there are concentrations of points, and more. Esri Maps for Office give you broad control over styling your mapped data, enabling you to make the important facts stand out.

In PowerPoint maps can be inserted as static images or as “live” maps that you can interact with during your presentations. Live maps allow for zooming in and out, moving around the map, and displaying “pop-ups” with additional information about map features when you click on them.

Esri Maps for Office provides access to a large number of Esri basemaps to use as a reference for your data. It also allows you to tap into any map published by the Esri user community or by others in your organization.

Several updates have been made in this Public Beta to improve the overall performance and experience, including:

  • Improved user experience for styling and grouping data
  • Additional symbols from which to choose
  • Updated PowerPoint user experience>
  • Streamlined mapping with one map per worksheet

To install Esri Maps for Office, visit the download page on the Esri Beta Community. If you currently have the Private Beta version installed, you can install the Public Beta simply by running the setup. Note that due to the many upgrades, map configurations created with the previous version are not preserved.

For information on getting started and help using the product, see the Esri Maps for Office Resource Center, and be sure to visit the Esri Maps for Office forum to get help from the community.

~The Esri Maps for Office team

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  1. spiff88 says:

    Too bad ESRI Maps for Office only works with the latest and greatest Microsoft Office release.

    Some companies do not jump on the upgrade bandwagon. We’ve had Office 2007 on our systems now for two years (2010) – and Office 2010 is a long way off.

    Have fun playing with this new tool you lucky Office 2010 users.

  2. stevie says:

    Ditto, my company (state agency actually) has had Office 2007 since 2008 or so. Hopefully we will get 2010 here soon.

  3. sportfreunderic says:

    one little question.
    is it possible to map my data based on german zip codes?
    i tried this but without any success…
    thanks for answering.


  4. aswicks says:

    I went to the Download Page on the Best Community “” and it wasn’t there. Any more ideas as to how to find it?