Configuring ArcGIS for SharePoint to work with SSL-secured sites

The components included in ArcGIS for SharePoint – the ArcGIS Map Web Part, ArcGIS Geocoding Workflow, and ArcGIS Location Field – each reference services from ArcGIS Online out-of-the-box.  By default, they access these services over http.  But due to the cross-scheme restrictions of Silverlight, the default use of http introduces problems when ArcGIS for SharePoint is used within a SharePoint site that employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL or https) protection.  So when loading the Map Web Part on an https site, the following prompt will be shown:Mixed content prompt

This is the browser’s way of asking the user whether to allow the retrieval of string data from a source that is not SSL-secured.  Worse yet, when the prompt is dismissed, the web part will attempt to load the image tiles for the map.  But because cross-scheme downloading of image data (i.e. pulling images to a SSL-secured client from a non-SSL source) is completely disallowed, the map will fail to load and the web part will be unusable.

Fortunately, this problem has a simple resolution.  Because ArcGIS for SharePoint is designed to be highly configurable, all of the service endpoints used by the product can be updated to use https endpoints instead of http.  Better yet, all ArcGIS for SharePoint configuration is contained within the site collection scope, meaning that the product can be used on both SSL and non-SSL sites within the same SharePoint farm.  To make ArcGIS for SharePoint work on site with SSL security, simply follow the steps provided in the online help.

Rich Zwaap
Product Engineer
SharePoint, Silverlight, Office

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  1. bentorrey says:

    Hi All,
    Great writeup online. Just one thing I wanted to point out in case it’s helpful to anyone that’s not in the linked writeup.

    I followed all the steps in my SharePoint 2010 Foundation environment, but it still wasn’t working. I found that I had to import the certificate for the ArcGIS web services on my front-end server, since I was getting errors like this in my SharePoint logs:

    Server was unable to process request. The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel

    Imported the certificates on the web server, did an iisreset, and then the workflow worked great.

  2. harley says:

    while I went through the “ArcGIS Mapping Configuration Files” changed the map references that had http to https, and updated the basemap, connnections, Geometry, and locators references I’m running into a reference to error for silverlight which is trying to access

    any Ideas?